Faith Stories

"Early in 2016 I required surgery because I was diagnosed with a female cancer. The "C" word really scared me. My first action was to be added to the prayer request list. While I have a large family that supported me, it was the additional support and concern from the congregation that helped me through this scary time. I received cards, calls and continued support during my ordeal. They sure brightened my day which is so important to recovery. And the good Lord answered our prayers and I am cancer free. The Immanuel family has been and continues to be here for me in good times and in not so good times." ~Patti

"It was the year 2001 and I was in a midst of a health crisis. I turned to my Pastor’s for comfort and support here at Immanuel, along with the rest of my church family, and I was not let down in the least! Everyone here is loving and supportive of each other and of each other’s needs and concerns. I cannot recommend a more loving and compassionate church." ~Anonymous