Crossways Campaign 2019

Crossways Campaign 2019

July 22, 2019

Dear Member of Immanuel Lutheran Church

Crossways Camping Ministries is vital for the passing of faith to children and youth and developing leaders for our church. It is so important for our church right now to ensure Crossways Camping Ministries continues to provide exceptional facilities and remains accessible to all who desire to be part of these programs where God is so clearly proclaimed.

Congregations look to Crossways as a resource in providing a valuable ministry to our youth and children, as well as families.

Because of the need to expand this vital ministry, Crossways is conducting a Capital Campaign to help raise $1.8 to $2.7 million by the end of 2019.

During the next five weeks, you will learn more about this important effort. We pray that your commitment to ministry will encourage you to become involved and excited about the “Rooted in Faith, Growing to Serve Campaign”.


Yours in Christ,

Bob Henning,
President, Immanuel Lutheran Church

Rev. Dr. Niveen Sarras
Pastor, Immanuel Lutheran Church